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Featured Masters MMXXIII

Julian Opie

Julian Opie is a renowned British contemporary artist known for his minimalist style that merges pop art with simplified and stylized depictions of people and landscapes.

Conveyed through a range of media including sculpture, animation, and digital technology. With a sophisticated visual language that conveys complex ideas with simplicity and elegance, Opie is a leading figure in the contemporary art world.

Joseph Klibansky

Joseph Klibansky is a Dutch contemporary artist known for his expressive fusion of digital and analog techniques. His thought-provoking works explore the impact of technology on humanity and have garnered international acclaim.

Klibansky’s art explores the intersection between technology, culture, and humanity, reflecting on the impact of our digital age on the way we perceive the world.


MATTERZNOT invites viewers to contemplate the role of technology in the creative process and question traditional notions of artistic expression.

Through his innovative fusion of art and technology, MATTERZNOT stands at the forefront of a new movement in contemporary art that demands attention and inspires critical thinking.

His works have been exhibited internationally and have garnered critical acclaim for their intricate details and powerful messages.

Modern & Contemporary Art Union Europe

The Modern and Contemporary Art Union is a leading authority in the curation of exceptional modern and contemporary art.

Our team of expert art historians employs a rigorous and systematic selection process to curate works by the most promising and innovative artists. Our goal is to showcase only the highest quality works of art that demonstrate exceptional skill, originality, and vision.

Our curation process begins with a thorough assessment of an artist’s portfolio and exhibition history. The works are then evaluated for their technical proficiency, conceptual complexity, and cultural relevance.

Our Vetting Process

Our team considers a range of factors, including the artist’s personal vision, their engagement with contemporary issues, and their contribution to the wider artistic conversation.

The art historians and experts at MNCU are deeply committed to promoting excellence in contemporary and modern art. We are dedicated to providing our community with access to the most innovative and thought-provoking works of art.

By promoting critical inquiry and dialogue, we aim to create a vibrant community of artists, collectors, and enthusiasts who share our passion for excellence in the arts.
Through our educational programs and events, we seek to foster a deeper appreciation and understanding of contemporary and modern art.

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