Kerima, an illuminating presence in the realm of contemporary art, hails from the heart of the USA. With a creative spirit that knows no boundaries, Kerima has forged a remarkable path in the art world, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of modern expression. Drawing inspiration from the visionary legacies of Dalí and Pollock, Kerima’s artistic journey began humbly, ascending to become a force of boundless creativity.

Upcoming expositions: MOCO, Berlin Art Week

By harnessing an array of digital techniques, Kerima masterfully wields the power of deep learning generation, crafting artworks that delve into profound and revolutionary themes. Each creation is a testament to Kerima’s commitment to pushing the envelope of visual storytelling, sparking new dialogues and perspectives. As a rapidly-rising star in the contemporary art world, Kerima’s work represents an excellent investment opportunity for those seeking to add a dynamic and exciting piece to their collection.

From MNCU Affiliated Critics

Notable Work

Regal Enigma: Sphynx Majesty, (1 of 7), 2023, mixed media

In “Regal Enigma: Sphynx Majesty,” Kerima unveils a mesmerizing oil painting that encapsulates the enigmatic allure of a sphynx cat draped in opulent regalia. Set against a backdrop of rich, velvety hues, the artwork resonates with an air of timeless elegance and mystique.

On the other hand, the WordArt overlay serves as a reminder of the human element behind even the most advanced forms of technology. By incorporating this kitschy, dated visual language into the piece, the artist draws attention to the fact that all technology is ultimately created and controlled by humans, and is therefore subject to the same flaws and limitations as we are. ($780 – SOLD)

Roses of the Calavera (1 of 5), 2023, mixed media

In “Eternal Remembrance: Roses of the Calavera,” Kerima unveils a mesmerizing artwork that captures the essence of Mexican Day of the Dead traditions. Set against a backdrop of vibrant, celebratory hues, the painting resonates with a poignant blend of life, death, and vibrant remembrance.

At the heart of the composition stands a woman adorned in the iconic Mexican Day of the Dead face paint, a tribute to the eternal cycle of life and the honoring of ancestors. Her features are transformed into a canvas of intricate designs, each stroke of color and pattern a nod to the rich cultural tapestry that the holiday represents..

The woman’s gaze is both serene and contemplative, echoing the depth of connection between the living and those who have passed on.

($579 – SOLD)

Previous Appearances (Closed)

Kunsthal Rotterdam (minor appearance)
MOCO (minor appearance)

Kunstweek Maastricht
Rijksmuseum (minor appearance)
Bonnefanten Museum

Private collections:
Italy, Sweden, France, Netherlands

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